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5 Things You Can Expect from us this year | Earn. Eat. Save. Stretch

5 Things You Can Expect from us this year

By January 7, 2017 Thoughts No Comments

We are still on our mission.  Our mission and vision has not changed… We’ve just dialed it back to do it in extremely small slow savory bites.  It may appear confusing to you, so this is the only reason why we’re sharing the 5 things we’ll accomplish in 2017 with you.  We’re not sharing the how or the why because frankly put, this past 3 years has proven that you guys just want results.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  We respect it.  We’ll save the How and the Why for after… So we won’t bore you with the details.  We just thank you for your attention and hope you stay with us this year, understanding we have to take the long way around and continue to support us on this mission to empower everyone to eat better and save more!

1) New & More Content – Of course we’ll continue with recipe inspiration, nutrition information, and Adulting Tips!  It’s what started this whole thing.  We’ll be shifting things to be more inclusive of a male audience and we’ll beef up with some LA specific content and maybe, potentially do what everyone else is doing so you don’t have to think so hard when you land on our page.

2) Events – No… Don’t get too excited… We can’t afford the Cooking Experience events just yet.  They require compliance with food laws so the creation of a specific venue or renting of one is required to proceed.   Unfortunately, commercial owners have not paid attention to the impact they have on the small business and start-up community by not allowing short-term rentals of vacant restaurant spaces and charge too much for businesses to operate.  Good news is, this will cause an uptick in online businesses, so maybe we can convert those future soon to be foreclosed spaces into dorms for the homeless.   ;-)… Instead, this year, you’ll find the LA Roommate Finding Meetup, because in LA while we can’t afford to teach you how to cook, we can at least save you money on your rent so that you can afford cooking lessons and groceries.

3) Less Online social, more in person – We’re on a simple mission to have fun exploring LA and personally connect with the business owners.  We want to tell their stories, give you sneak peaks, and invite you out to shop their shops and restaurants.  We hope you join us on @Periscope and YouTube @StretchRecipes.

4) Stretch Recipes Lifestyle Insurance packages are already here, but our goal is to present them on our website so that you fully understand and become active in protecting yourself, family & finances.  We hope to end the year with our final 4 offerings that will empower you to get started and protect the life you’ve worked so hard to build.

5) The Opening of our Bed & Breakfast which we’ll launch a crowd fund for.  We’re currently accepting inquiries from residential property owners in los angeles interested in partnering on an Equity based opportunity.  Be Social and contact us if you want to learn more and are willing to invest the use of your property or fund the security deposit/downpayment for the acquisition of one. 


Feel free to stay up to date by continuing to visit the site or attending our meet ups.  Now we’ve got to back to work!


As always, my door is open to answer more questions about what we’re up to.  I know it’s been recently brought to my attention that we’ve been hacked as I’ve received emails from team members and myself that I personally did not send (wondering how long this has been going on), but feel free to contact me on social and it’s always nice to get a text or hear your voice!

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