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Stretch Room Shares Interest Lists NOW OPEN | Earn. Eat. Save. Stretch

Stretch Room Shares Interest Lists NOW OPEN

By November 14, 2016 Housing No Comments

As you all know, I’ve been living la vida AirBnb for quite some time.  While I’m grateful to keep a roof over my head, I find that it would be nice to possibly share sleeping quarters with just one other person; rather than 5 other people (one of which has 3-4am phone calls in the room rather than excusing themselves to go in the common space)…  It’s also hard sharing a bathroom with 20 people.  While most days aren’t a conflict.  It seems when it’s the most important, someone is in before you.



I do love that I get to meet people from all over and hang out with them on occasion.  Sometimes I feel like I’m the tour guide of the house, but I don’t mind if it helps keep me from going stir crazy in between work.

While in LA, I noticed a high demand for furnished rentals and a disconnect with cost.  When examining students or young professionals from different markets, they would LOVE to contribute to the local economy and have a lifestyle where they can go out and enjoy without spending 65% of their income on housing costs.  Many of them moved to LA to fulfill their dreams and do not have rich parents to co-sign for an apartment.  Some don’t have enough for hefty deposits in the places where they can afford to live monthly.

So our solution for now, is to empower them with Stretch Housing options that give them them the lease flexibility and time needed to adjust to a new city.  There are 5 key requirements:

  • Pass Background Check & Credit Screening
  • Earn a minimum of $25k
  • Earn a minimum of 2 times the selected rent
  • Stay a minimum of 30 days
  • Willing to adhere to the Stretch Housing Community Guidelines in addition to the rules of the community where you reside.  (ie. Quiet Hours, Trash, Noise, Pool, etc.)

Application & Background Fee is $75 (good for 2 years)

Rents range from $675 – $1,350

Security Deposits vary according to payment frequency.  Break down:

Daily Rent Payment requires a deposit of $1,550

Weekly Rent Payment requires a deposit of $1,000

Monthly Rent Payment requires a deposit of $500

Sound good to you?




If you’re a landlord wishing for us to undergo a corporate contract to fulfill your vacancies, please contact us at info@stretchrecipes.com



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