We’re on a mission to empower everyone to eat better and save more… And it’s not just about the food.

It has been an amazing 4 years. We’ve had some major successes and some life lessons (AKA failures). This journey has been equally inspiring and humbling. So it is with a heavy heart, yet loving hope, that I take an indefinite break from the blog to examine what’s really important in my life and if Stretch Recipes (as it’s now known) will continue to be a part of that.

When I look back on the content and experiences, it has truly been the experiences that have given me the most reward and where I’ve managed to find inspirationĀ and connect with others the most. Somehow, face to face just reminds people that you’re real and really there for them; not just a talking head. We’ll do our best to keep Instagram updated. We’ll return when we have something major popping out the oven -or- if anything changes. Please remember that even though you may not see us here, we’re always on our mission. šŸ˜€

XOXO – Lauren